The face behind Lykke Strik

My name is Christine Lykkegaard and I have had Lykke Strik since 2020.

It all started on Christmas Eve 2019, when I first became interested in knitting after my cousin showed me her knitting.

I love starting new creative projects and challenging myself, so when I heard about it, I just had to try my hand at it. I ordered my first order of yarn to knit a Lousiana Sweater from PetiteKnit (of course).

I jumped right into the big project and used YouTube as my loyal partner in the big puzzle I had opened up.

 I fell in love with knitting and quickly tried my hand at twists and new techniques. The corona crisis hit at the end of February when I returned home from a skiing holiday and my knitting obsession therefore only gained momentum. Now I no longer had to wait until after school to knit, now I could actually knit while I had lessons - which suited me very well.

At this point I was only knitting following patterns, but as spring slowly approached, I didn't feel there were many patterns out there that focused on summer knitting.


First  pattern

I therefore worked on a headband that I could use this summer --> SummerHeadband. It got a lot of attention on social media, so I decided to try my hand at making a pattern for it. I posted this post on my Instagram and in that way got new inexperienced knitters who wanted to try their hand at a simple knitting project. I sold 50 patterns of the SummerHeadband in the first 5 days it was released - which told me that there were lots of people asking for summer knitting.



Social mentions

By May I had reached 1000 followers and I published several patterns: i.a. CandyflossVest and ClaraTop (both of which have since been updated). I then started contributing to various blogs and magazines, e.g. Maria Møller and Vi Unge (Danish youth magazine).









I knew that my vision and idea with Lykke Strik was leave the heavy and warm sweaters behind and switch to using knitwear in the summer as well. And it is definitely the modern and slightly more "young" approach that has given me success. Over the summer I made both CopperItUp and ArielTop, both of which got - and continue to get - a lot of attention.

You absolutely loved them and it was just so cool to see that my ideas were really missing in the knitting world!

Pictures of: @strikkevers, @krea.anna, @blond_strik, @young.nordic.knitters, @cathskreationer, @knittingatthedisco, @strikkavnora

My platform has grown quickly since then and I have created a following and a Lykke Strik universe of which I am so proud.

However, none of this would have been possible without you! So thank you.

Enjoy my patterns!

Find all my patterns here.





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